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If you would like to affiliate, go right ahead. Your group will most likely be accepted, as long as it is friendly and follows dA rules :aww: However, "hate" or "anti-" groups and groups that are controversial or appear to be unsupportive to their members will not be accepted.

Affiliates, if you have a contest you would like advertised, please let me know :) Also keep in mind that your members are able to submit artwork to the "Art by Our Affiliates" folder in the gallery. If it isn't working, please send a note.
Hello everyone!

I'm looking for members who would like to contribute to the group. I'd like it to be more active, with features, contests, and events, but don't have the time to run these things myself.

I've been attempting to do run two different features: These Are Not Photos (a feature of some of the best realism artwork both by our members and the deviantART community in general), as well as a themed feature. I have also been wanting to start a "critique me" feature, where members can submit artwork they would like to be critiqued, and they are featured so that other artists can critique them.

If you're interested in running any of these features, or if you have an idea for another feature, contest, or event related to the group (either a one-off or something regular), please let me know!

If more than one person wants to do the same feature or contest, then I will put you in touch and help you figure out how to share the job (whether it's taking turns doing, or collaborating on each one).
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Welcome to True2Life!

Welcome to True2Life

Here is a place for all you aspiring and experienced realism and photorealism artists, and fans of realism.

Although there will be some quality control, the goal is to create a support and appreciation group, not an elitist group that only the best can submit to. Therefore, all genres, skill levels, and mediums are welcome!

What is Realism and Photorealism?

Photorealism is a style of painting or drawing with the intention of making the final work look indistinguishable from a photograph, even on close inspection.

Realism is generally considered a broader category that can encompass all forms of realistically drawn or painted artwork.

How to Join

- Read the rules, and then hit the "Join" button up at the top of the page there. Everyone is welcome.
- Contact me if you would like to be an administrator. Tell me why, and how you can help.

Gallery Submission Rules - IMPORTANT!

- Only artwork that can be considered realism or photorealism will be accepted (it should be easy to tell at a glance that without a doubt, the intention was a realism piece)
- Any genre, skill level, or medium is welcome, except for literature, photography, and film
- Realism tutorials are welcome
- Stamps or icons for the group are also welcome
- Because of the nature of photomanipulation, it will be held to a higher standard than other mediums.
- Only one deviation may be submitted per day.

Your piece will be refused if:
- It is in the wrong gallery
- It is a rough sketch, WIP, or appears to be unfinished.
- It does not show significant effort
- It promotes racism, sexism, or hatred of any group or person
- It is pornographic in nature
- It requires a mature content warning, but does not have one
- Remember, I cannot think of every possible thing that should be refused, and so new grounds for refusal may be added as I come across submissions that should not be in the gallery.

A note on Copyright Infringement

- The group, it's members, and it's staff, are not responsible for the actions of individual artists who have submitted to the group.
- Artists who submit to the gallery and are breaking copyright law do so at their own risk.
- We will assume that references or stock used in the submitted pieces were used with the permission of the copyright holder, or that their use falls under the Fair Use Clause.
- If you see a piece in the gallery or in favourites that is infringing on another artist's copyright, please send a note. We will speak with the copyright holder, and if needed, the piece will be removed from the gallery and reported.


There is no restriction to the number of deviations you can suggest as a favourite.

Artwork that will be accepted as a favourite:

- Realism or photorealism works of good quality (with the exception of the Critique Me folder)
- may be any medium, except literature or photography (except in the case described below)
- photos that photographers have allowed to be used as references* and stock photos
- tutorials pertaining to realism in some way (colouring, anatomy, texturing, etc.)
- Any realism piece may be submitted to the Critique Me folder, regardless of quality. Keep in mind though, that any pieces submitted to this folder will be featured in our Critique Me news article, which aims to encourage the readers to critique the pieces included. Only submit if you truly want your piece critiqued.

* if the photo is not labelled as stock, there MUST be a statement by the artist in the artist's comments (or a general statement in their journal) that the image may be used as a reference. In all cases, I will be contacting the photographer to double check that they are okay with their photo(s) being used by members of this group.

If you feel a piece needs to be removed from the group's favourites or gallery, Do NOT contact the artist or comment on the the work. Send a note to the group, and we will handle it.


Members may submit blogs. These can be about anything you want related to the group or realism/photorealism. However, please do NOT check the box stating "only the author can edit." I will not change anything, though I may make spelling corrections, or add a comment if necessary, depending on the nature of the blog.

Anything else?

Have fun, make friends, show off your artwork, and get some help! That's what this group is all about.

If you have any suggestions for making the group better, or running events, send them in! The group is only as good as the ideas that are put into it, and the more ideas we get, the better it will be!


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arwenpandora Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
the jared leto and paul watson aren't digital, they were drawn with conte. :)
spirit-of-the-fire Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Thanks :) Those were probably suggested by a member, I haven't been very good lately about making sure everything's being submitted to the correct folder. Probably time for a cleanup soon, lol
arwenpandora Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
no problem… the artists in the group.. inspiring :thumbsup:
Weegoddess Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for accepting my portrait of Sarah Yaworsky and Marty Gear. I'm really glad to be a part of this group! 
Weegoddess Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
and thanks too for accepting Mark's Dad. I think he'd be very pleased!
Weegoddess Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
and thanks again for accepting more work. It's really encouraging! (and maybe I should thank you less often and stop cluttering up your inbox).
keithmore2000 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for accepting me into your group.:D (Big Grin) 
mariangrose Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
thank you for accepting my painting!
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